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Consinee Group: Standout key-players in global finest yarn supply




When excellence becomes the primary goal of its activities and quality goes in hand in hand with the meters of yarn produced, there are very few business groups that can be selected to play the leading role in this sector.



And if we consider that the company in question generates more than 10% of the world’s production of cashmere, supplying the major top-class international brands, the absolute leader in the export of high-end yarns can only belong to the latter.



We are talking about Consinee, the biggest industrial manufacturing group in China, the market leader in the sector of luxury yarns, specializing in the spinning and dying of worsted and semi worsted wool, and in the latest generation yarns and polymer fabrics.



A ball of wool as big as gig as the world could not contain the amount of yarns made by them, which boasts a production capacity of 5,000 tons per years in addition to the 7,000 tons of dyed fibers.






Founded in 2000, Consinee has a few years been able to sustain the highest quality standards in terms of industrial know-how thanks to the project of a fully automated and computerized mew factory, developed with made in Italy technology, aimed at strengthening and improving the process of dyeing fibres, and thus being able to meet any customer requirements and significantly implement the range of colors available.



For the spring –summer 2016 season, the inspiration of Consinee new collection is devoted to lightness: a lightness that we find firstly in the weight of the fluffy yarns, but that explains itself equally as well in the selection of desaturated colors and the luminous, semi transparent aspects of deluxe cashmere.



Melange blends in pastel tones, marine stripes, fresh, crystalline nuances reminiscent of the fluid motion of the waves and liquid surfaces dictate the guidelines for next season’s trends.



The successful meeting between technology and creation, innovation and attention to style represents the true hallmark of the production by Consinee, the company that has chosen to dress the world, painting it all with its own colorful yarns.






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The Excellent Cost Performance of Cashmere


We all know the price of cashmere product is 10 times higher than that of wool products. The output of world total cashmere material is nearly 1% of that of wool material. If it is not because of higher cost performance, why we choose expensive cashmere instead of wool product? Then why cashmere product has better cost performance than wool product?

Besides the preciousness of cashmere, cashmere has very excellent properties and features superior to other wool product.


Firstly, cashmere clothes are warmer than wool clothes. Cashmere fiber is natural curl and is 300 times longer than before after straightened, while good quality merino wool after straightened is only 160 times longer than before. Therefore cashmere product has much better heat retention property than wool product.

Secondly, cashmere has better moisture absorbing property than wool product. Cashmere can absorb water in seconds, while wool product need to be soaked in minutes.

Thirdly, the fiber flexibility is better than wool so cashmere product is not likely to deform, shrink and broke holes.

Fourthly, cashmere clothes can stay in good condition for many years if well maintained. So it is still economical even for a very high-price cashmere clothes.

Choosing cashmere product is to choose good care and love for yourself.

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How to store cashmere knitwear?

Before storing the cashmere knitwear, Wrap the clean cashmere knitwear with cloth or paper and then put insect repellent agent such as mothball in the wardrobe.


How to dedust?

Method 1: fix the adhesive tape in two chopsticks and paste the dust off the knitwear.

Method 2: wipe the knitwear with wet sponge.

How to shrink cashmere?

Cashmere knitwear may become looser or larger than before after long time wearing. We can shrink by ironing . put the knitwear in cloth bag before air drying and after it become medium well you can use a steam iron to iron in the backside. Please be sure to keep consistant force.


How to return the flexibility of cashmere?

Put some dry cleaning agent and a little ammonium hydroxide into water around 40℃, and rub and rinse it gently. Put some vinegar into the clean water in your last rising and then air dry it as usual.

Cashmere knitwear would become short and stiff after long time. You can wrap it into white cloth and steam it for 10 mins in steamer. Push it into original size and fix it in wood board. It will return its original size after drying.

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Why does Consinee choose Inner Mongolia cashmere?

 Consinee is the world professional cashmere manufacturer and china largest cashmere exporter.High quality yarn product is the base of our survival in market. And highquality raw material is the guarantee of prime product. We choose innerMongolia cashmere material, do you know the reason?   f:id:lemonzhang2015:20160804165438j:plain The world main cashmere production area: China, Mongolia, Iran, India, Afghan and Turkey.China cashmere production:China produces 50% to 60% of the world totalcashmere amount 16,000 to 17,000 tons. China main cashmere production area is Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Qinghai, Ningxia etc. in which InnerMongolia comes out first with the most and best cashmere material. Therefore Inner Mongolia produces the best quality cashmere in the world. Why does the best cashmere come from Inner Mongolia? The Capra Hircus goats ofInner Mongolia are a special pedigree of goat who have adapted to the extremewinter climate of Inner Mongolia where temperatures plummet to -40° c. Inner Mongolia is almost the northern most of China and only cashmere goat can adoptits extreme climate in winter with its special bloodline. To get through its extreme cold winter, cashmere goat grows the best, highest grade and warmest natural fiber in the world. Consinee believe best material is the foundation of excellent quality cashmere yarn; Consinee controls Inner Mongolia cashmere with nearly 10 years’ original accumulation and powerful capital resources. Consinee holds regular stock of cashmere material more than 200 tons each year to ensure prime quality and timely delivery. Consinee chooses the best cashmere raw material with Fineness ≤15.5μm,fiber length 34-38mm and baby cashmere fineness ≤15.0μm,fiber length ≥38mm. Consinee believe best material is the basis of best quality product. we will stick to our original intention of providing luxury yarn to world top brands and buyers.

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Every fashion-conscious people fall in love in wearing cashmere

Cashmere is luxuriant wool only from goat that are primarily raised in Mongolia, but many are bred in Iran, Tibet, Indiaand China. Cashmere is light, silky wool good for making scarves and sweaters and its silken feel, feather-light weight and appreciable status make it highly desirable.


 Garments made of cashmere were once onlyavailable to royalty because the rarity of the wool increased its value. Everyfashion-conscious people have dreamed of wearing cashmere. In more recentyears, Old-Hollywood glamor girls graced the silver screen, bringing cashmere to the hearts of people everywhere. Steve P (aul) Jobs who was the co-founder,chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc. deeply liked wearingcashmere sweaters. It was said that he bought 50 pieces cashmere sweaters atone-time and changed cashmere wear every day because he had no more time tocare about his clothes. Steve P (aul) Jobs was always only in cashmere sweaters and jeans and many Apple fans around the world are wondering which sweatersSteve Jobs wears. The quality and feel of cashmere wear willl eave you longing for more. Owning a garment made of cashmere is a fashiontreat to be truly treasured. After all, it takes one little goat four years toproduce enough precious silky wool to make just one cashmere sweater. What'smore, one cashmere sweater can accompany you for many years and it always keeps the same warmness, softness and beauty, and that's the reason why every people fall in love in it.

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What’s the difference among woolen, semi-worsted and worsted cashmere yarn?

Before understanding the difference among woolen cashmere yarn, semi-worsted one and worsted one, we need to know what cashmere yarn is and how it’s been made. Cashmere yarn is made from raw cashmere material, and there are a series of production processes, namely, blending, carding, spinning, winding, doubling, twisting and others. According to the different craft and thickness, cashmere yarn can be divided into three different kinds:



woolen cashmere yarn, semi-worsted one and worsted one. Woolen and worsted cashmere yarns are more common and semi-worsted is also popular. So what’s the difference among woolen, semi-worsted, worsted cashmere yarn? Relatively woolen cashmere yarn is thicker than semi-worsted and worsted yarn and it has low count, generally from NM2/14 to NM2/32. Semi-worsted cashmere yarn is thinner than woolen one and it has relatively high count, generally from NM2/24 to NM2/60. Worsted cashmere yarn is also thinner and stronger in twist than woolen yarn and its count is higher, generally from NM2/28 to NM2/120. Semi-worsted and worsted cashmere yarns are mainly suitable for spring/summer knitting, like t-shirts, underwear, cardigans and else ultra-thin dresses, while woolen cashmere yarn is softer and more fluffy suitable for fall/winter use, like sweaters, poncho, scarves, gloves and so on.

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How to prolong the life of cashmere knitwear?

cashmere yarn is a kind of precious and luxury garment in all kind of natural fiber clothes. Cashmere is soft, comfortable and healthy to human body. Therefore cashmere is widely used in high end fashion design.

As cashmere garment is very luxury it is also very delicate which need your special care to make it remain good shape.

First, let us learn about how to wash cashmere garment.


It is better to wash cashmere with professional cashmere detergent (some brands would provide free cashmere detergent when you purchase cashmere garment), or if not you can also use neutral shampoo instead. First, put some detergent  in water no more than 35 ℃ and soak cashmere sweater for about 10 minutes. Second, squeeze the sweater gently not rub it vigorously to avoid it felting. If some part like the collar or cuff is very ditty you can put the detergent on it and then make clearance. Third, rinse the garment in clear water several times. Forth, put the garment in water with softener and sock for about 5 minutes. Then put it in special cloth bag and dewater it in washing machine. Lastly flat dry it in the air and avoid hanging and explore directly in sunshine.

Besides to clean cashmere garment in right way, Cashmere garment is made from natural animal fiber which need rest after two or three days’ wearing. So you need to have several different cashmere sweaters to change and to have the fiber to recover from fatigue.

Natural fiber clothes would get pilling sometimes, so does cashmere garmnet. Do not tear or pull the pills, you can just cut it out with scissor.

When the season alters and you need to put away your cashmere garment, you should also pay attention to the insect and moisture prevention in storage.

A cashmere garment it can be worn for years in good shape and condition if cared in right way. It worth your time and efforts.